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26022 Cape Dr. Suite B, Laguna Niguel, CA 94677

(888) 367-0151


Through perseverance, dedication, and the help of others, in 1993 I opened Donna B’s Bakery. Located in the beautiful town of Laguna Niguel, a suburb of Orange County California, our customer base has grown and grown. Our line of products now includes over 18 varieties of cookies, cookie dough, and brownies. Cookie gifts, and many different styles and varieties of custom decorated cakes and cupcakes. I have been nick-named “the Cookie Lady”, and am proud to be very involved in helping others raise money for her favorite charities. I donate hundreds of cookies, cakes, cookie baskets and cupcakes every year, and I am proud to be a part of so many worthy causes. Because of my circumstances as a single mother, I have devoted a lot of my attention to helping disadvantaged women and children, but I often attend other events helping others while promoting my business.