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1867 Williams Hwy Ste 221, Grants Pass, OR 97527

(541) 740-9098


The Bradley Putter Company started in December of 2016 with the belief that golf should be beautiful, and the desire to rebuild industry in Southern Oregon around their most prevalent natural resource. Using his 15 years of experience playing golf, 2 years of coaching at a high school, and 10 years as a mechanical engineer designing military equipment to survive nuclear blasts, Bradley Converse has created putters that have proper weighting, CG, MOI, swing weight, loft, lie, hardness, and shape, which harmonize to facilitate contact that "feels like butter off the face". Each highly engineered, beautifully simple putter handmade in Grants Pass, Oregon, is unique by nature, down to the the story about their journey from tree to green. 


Be remarkable. Putt with class.