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Welcome to my brain. This is me from the inside out. It's me very focused and yet all over the place. This is what awakens me and allows me to exhale.

I'm blessed with 3 amazing kids, 2 sweet furry kids (my dogs) and the most supportive husband in the world. I'm one of the few California Natives. Raising our family in beautiful Orange County, California. 

Although I've been artistic and creative since I was a little kid, I never knew what my gift was. I didn't know what my passion was. But I knew that one day I would find out and I would be great at it! 

I figured it out as soon as I picked up a camera. It just "clicked". It felt so natural for me. It excited me. It challenged me. I knew that I had to learn more and I have. I educate and challenge myself daily. I love what I do!

Being a family, lifestyle photographer in Orange County is so rewarding. There are so many beautiful locations to shoot at. I know all of them.

Weather it's family photos, maternity photos or head shot photos, creating beautiful portraits is my passion.

Enjoy this journey through my eyes.

~Michelle Fairless