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Corona, CA

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Berkley’s Backyard BBQ is truly a family business. Inspired by his father to propel the family tradition, Berkley started Berkley’s Backyard BBQ in 2003 under his father’s guidance and the help of a few trusted friends. A throwback from the days when customer service was truly king, Berkley aims to perpetuate the Southern hospitality that influences every facets of his business today. An event catered by Berkley’s Backyard BBQ is sure to bring about smiles and the satisfaction that only great food can offer.

Our recipes date back to the 1940’s when Berkley’s great grandmother introduced her gourmet sauce: Hoagies Gourmet BBQ Sauce, “The champagne of BBQ sauces.” This sauce and many other recipes were passed on to Berkley’s father, a professional chef, who became the “keeper of the secrets.” Berkley has followed in his father’s footsteps, to recreate the style of cooking that he is now making famous.