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Kingdom Nutrition was established November 2014 in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. We’re committed to first and foremost servicing the local community. We would never be where we are without the in-depth participation of our customers. As groundbreaking advancements are always being made in the industry, the constant feedback and open-mindedness of our local customers provides a strong backbone with which to build company progress on.

While we are firm believers in proper supplementation. Supplements are only the capstone piece to an overall healthy lifestyle. Our main goal is to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy people which cannot come from supplements alone. When we take on new products and offer new services, we analyze not only how it affects performance, but how it affects the whole person.

Our mission is to increase mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health in people starting with meeting physical needs.

Our vision is to lead the American society in an awakening of health and supplements by creating an online and physical community that breaks down set barriers and guides people off the beaten path to places they would otherwise never know and to be the ultimate retail location, destination and experience for supplement consumers in the U.S.

Our Values:

Quality– we always strive to guide people towards the best quality of anything. We also defend our brand’s quality to the utmost degree. Our brand is everything

Simplicity– we will strive to simplify our world by making everything easy and applicable to everyone from a hobbyist to a first time customer.

Cohesiveness– everything will work together. If we’re going to break down walls of distrust we have to be a brand that “adds up” and synergistically brings people together.

Frontiersmenship– we will always challenge the current state of affairs. we’re less concerned with where things are but rather where they are going. we will be proactive vs reactive. Seeking things that have “never been done before” are highly encouraged.