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Basics of Skateboarding offers skateboard lessons in a fun skate camp setting at various locations in Orange County, CA for kids ages 3-12. BOS is a hands-on camp designed to bring kids together within the community. Children develop and enhance their skateboarding skills while creating new friendships with other kids in the camp.

Whether you are a three year old who has never been on a skateboard, or an intermediate 12 year old, Basics of Skateboarding can offer you the guidance and instruction necessary to take your skateboarding to the next level. All campers receive direct instruction from an experienced skateboard teacher and are grouped according to ability and age. The camp focuses on basic skills that are acquired in a skatepark ranging from safety, skating bowls, making transitions, to the overall building of confidence.

Basics of Skateboarding is currently running many different camps in Orange County. BOS will have camps at the Volcom outdoor park in Costa Mesa and the Ralphs outdoor park in San Clemente. Camps run year round and increase in availability and times during the summer months.