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Since the beginning of our cherished game golfers have always needed a golf towel whether it was stolen from grandma’s pantry or taken from your mama’s cupboard, it was always just a simple terry cloth. There are thousands of different manufacturers of golf clubs, golf balls, golf gloves, golf polos, golf shoes, golf pants, and golf tees etcetera, etcetera. All of these elements of the golfers’ game have evolved and have been upgraded. However, the golf towel has been ignored, but at MitholoG we have decided to focus on nothing more than the golf towel.

Just as every golfer is unique and individual, every one of our handcrafted golf towels is unique and original. When choosing what you take with you to the links we know that you want something that expresses who you are and enhances your originality, that is why we custom-made the next generation golf towel.

We introduce you to Ragz by MitholoG